On Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Michael R. Lachance
Maine State Representative for District 61

Mike Lachance— A Short Biography
It was January of 1969, during what was to be remembered as one of the snowiest Winters in decades, when Lewiston welcomed me into this world. Within a few years I was attending Holy Cross School in Lewiston, but growing up in a split family I also lived in Auburn, Buckfield and Turner in addition to a number of years in Arizona. While the roller-coaster ride seemed to never end, the life-experiences of such a transient childhood cannot be dreamed of or planned out. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

My Grandfather, the late Cliff Lachance was a relatively famous big band leader here in Lewiston-Auburn from the 1940's through the 1960's. He also operated Cliff's Chevron station in Auburn from the 1930's (initially at the rotary where Roy's Hamburger stand is today) and then on Union Street from 1949 until 1962 when my father Richard Lachance assumed management duties. Cliff's Chevron Station operated until 1973 when it was levelled to make way for the new Union Street bypass.

My father later served as the Ward 2 City Councilor in Auburn from 1981 through 1983 when he ran for the Mayor's seat. Although he came in second in that three-way race, his ethic in public service and dedication to his hometown was an inspiration. This would come into play later in my own life when I became more interested in local politics and municipal government.

The contrasts between the many differing towns and regions of Maine are stark. (Even more so compared to Arizona!) Being employed in Arizona, Bangor, Portland and Lewiston opened my eyes to many differences not always evident to those who have lived in only one area.

After a number of years in Arizona, I returned to Maine in 2003, realizing my home state was calling me back. I love Maine and unlike many, I am proud to be a Lewiston native.

In 2011, my civic interests and friendship with the late Gene Tardiff and mayoral candidate (and winner) Bob Macdonald led to an appointment as a full member of the Lewiston Zoning Board of Appeals. That experience gave me a unique perspective on the workings of various city departments while interacting with the public and city staff on various levels. In 2013 and again in 2015, I was elected City Councilor for Ward 7, in Lewiston.

Over the four years I served as a City Councilor I worked hard to represent the taxpayers of Ward 7 with a record of results. When I took office the district was lacking initiative and responsiveness on the council. By listening to residents and taking action, the real benefit of serving the public became clear—it wasn't about personal gain or empty fame—the great reward was being the voice of residents and producing results for them in City Hall without selling out.

Some notable achievements as City Councilor: I led a successful effort to place the City’s restaurant health inspection reports online early in 2014; helped stop a city-side property tax increase in FY15 then helped cut Lewiston’s borrowing to an unprecedented 45% below the bonding limit for FY16. I voted against placing dedicated bicycle lanes on Lisbon Street (while bringing forward the successful alternative of "sharrows"). I opposed taxpayer funded welfare for undocumented foreign nationals and asylum seekers while many of our lawful citizens went without. I brought forth proposals to preserve single family neighborhoods; opposed Pay-As-You-Throw trash and consistently opposed any new subsidized low-income housing projects in Lewiston.

Finally, when my efforts to reduce the "rain tax" failed to gain the support of other city councilors, I concieved and presented the City's 'Treebate' Program, which gives taxpayers a substantial credit applied towards their "rain tax" bill for every tree they purchase and plant on their property in Lewiston! With unanimous support from my fellow City Councilors, this innovative program was passed and implemented in 2017.

After serving two terms as Councilor, I decided to take a break from politics and had no plans to run for any higher office. However, due to a few changes in employment and the opening of a candidate slot in Lewiston over the Summer of 2018, I made the decision to seek the House seat for District 61. I do not take this commitment lightly, and will serve my neighbors in the same manner I served as City Councilor. I will not be a slave to any party, lobby group, PAC or corporate overlord. I am obligated to represent the voters and taxpayers I represent in Lewiston only, and do so in a rational, ethical and responsible manner!

I've had many hobbies and interests over the years, most notably photography, music, alpine sports/mountaineering and even racing 2-Stroke GP Motorcycles. As life goes on I seem to have less time for hobbies, however, and today my family and faith have taken priority in my life. These two elements have reshaped who I am, what I believe, how I served as your City Councilor and how I will serve as your next State Representative. Integrity and accountability are key tenets I have come to respect. You deserve no less!




©2013 Michael R. Lachance